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AutoMMaster, a 360° car repair experience

AutoMMaster is a project included in Mutua’s Intrapreneurship Program that enhances the car repair experience for customers and optimizes processes at the workshop between them, the workshop and their insurance provider. 

The project was defined within the Intrapreneurship Program in 2019 and chosen as one of the most promising proposals for the automobile branch. It was an award-winning project at Demo Day 2019 and offers Mutua an ambitious and demanding value proposition.

The concept behind the idea is to accompany policy holders throughout their car repair process, offering them a 360° experience and consolidating the workshop as a partner in Mutua’s value chain.

A platform that connects Mutua policy holders with their car workshop at all times

The opportunity

In Spain, there are 36 million visits to car workshops every year, and Mutua is an insurance provider with an extensive and consolidated network of repair shops, appraisers and alternatives for mobility. The project’s team researched the market to understand customer needs, carrying out over 200 interviews and ultimately confirming the opportunity detected, with lines of work founded on the following findings:

  • 3 out of 4 people would like to see more involvement from insurance companies when their vehicle is at the workshop, and not only when there is an insurance claim.
  • 85% of people feel vulnerable when they visit a car workshop, due to lack of knowledge or distrust, while 65% complain about a lack of information regarding vehicle repairs.
  • 60% of the workshops surveyed would like to increase visibility of their services.

The solution

AutoMMaster was launched as a means to provide a 360° experience for customers, creating a platform that connects insurance holders with repair shops at all times.

From the very moment of the reported accident or maintenance work, the policy holder can choose the workshop most suited to his or her needs. Users can send images to the workshop through the app, receive a quote, access advisory services and even discounts, and once they have chosen their workshop, they can manage their appointment. From the moment a car arrives at the shop and until the policy holder picks it up, users can check their vehicle’s repair status in real time, and may also choose other mobility options during reparation work. Everything is done through the app. 

The platform allows car workshops to give more visibility to all their services, promote their star services and manage appointments with policy holders. By participating in the platform, they gain access to a much wider market and can increase their client portfolio.

Mutua reinforces relations with its extensive network of approved workshops, automating and centralizing the entire car repair process, offering policy holders unique services that improve their experience, speed up the repair process and give them more satisfaction.

As part of Mutua’s continuing efforts to improve the experience and services it offers its policy holders, AutoMMaster reinforces customer confidence and better adapts our processes to the needs of all our clients.